Garnaalvissers te paard

This seaside resort has a lot to offer. There's a large beach, cosy outdoor cafés, go-car rental,...

If you want to have a sporty vacation, you're on the right address! Golf Ter Hille, tennis, fitness, bowling en surfen!

Oostduinkerke is also known for their prawn fishermen on horses. You can see them at work in the summer.

We also invite you to visite the NAVIGO museum. Discover together with your family and friends the sea and their fisheries, aquariums and a game for the kids 'SOS Sea Monster'.

Beside all of this, Oostduinkerke has lots of cosy places to drink and eat!

Golf Ter Hille

All golfers of any age are welcome at Koksijde Golf ter Hille.
It doesn't matter if you're novice or advanced, all golfers can receive instruction.
The Drive Range is daily opened starting from 8h30 untill 21h00.

Sport at Oostduinkerke

If you want to play tennis, you can go to  Tennisclub Tip Top. It doesn't matter if you're a member of not. There are 6 areas to play a game.


Do you want to have a fun night out with your friends or family? Let's bowl! You can go to NorthSea Bowl and enjoy a glass, nice food and a bowlinggame!


In Wave Health Club you can choose between different sports. Fitness, squash, zumba,...After the effort, time for relaxation! Take a sauna and have a drink in the Wave Kaffee.

Culture at Oostduinkerke

If you want to extend your knowledge, you can go to the folklore museum.
The museum takes you back to the time of your grand-parents and great-grandparents. After your visit you can go to the adjacent restaurant Florishof and have a drink or meal.


The museum offers you to have a look at the environment of the fishermen. There is a museum, exhibitions, an enormous aquarium with different kinds of fish.
Visit the tavern 'De Peerdevisscher' nearby and try their local beer 'De Peerdevisscher'.


Garnaalkruien De Eddy's

An unique activity when you're on your holiday!
After an explanation, the prawn fisherfolk go into the sea. While they're in the sea, the participants learn about the shells and birds.
After the catch, they seperate the crabs and fish from the shrimps.
Next they cook the shrimps and the fishers explane the progres.
The participants have the possibility to take their shrimps home and cook themselves.

Voor verdere informatie en reservaties: braem.hemeryck@skynet.be