Vakantiehuis Belgische kust huren

A walk at the yacht-basin, getting lost in the shopping streets or enjoying the sunset at the beach,... That are just a few options of the seaside resort Nieuwpoort.
You can take a walk at the beach of enjoy the historical centre of the city.


You can't underestimate the role of Nieuwpoort at World War II. Westfront shows you the past of the war. There are a lot of interactive games, exhibitions, trenchs,... that will show the whole event of the war.
The locks, the memorial, the cemetery,... are all public.
It's an instructive activity for young and old!


The swimming pool is the right place for an afternoon of fun! Different slides, sauna, a pool at the outside,... There are also pools for the little ones!
The adults can relax and enjoy a drink at the snack bar.

The yacht-basin

Nieuwpoort has the biggest harbour at North-Europe. Little speedboats or luxury yachts, you can see it all!
In the harbour there are several activities. You can go on a boat trip, do wavecarting, you can take the ferry and go for a walk at the dunes,...
And after an afternoon at the harbour you can relax at one of the restaurants nearby!

Children's farm De Lenspolder

At the old town there's a children's farm where the kids can see several animals, play games, eat a delicious pancake and play in the playground.
The farm also organise activities.
New is the garden with butterflies! You can see different butterflies and enjoy a nice walk in the garden.

Several walks

If you want to go for a walk, Nieuwpoort is the right place! You can choose to walk alone or in group.

The nature reserve shows you a rare fauna and flora.